Guide to Choose the Right Air Compressor for Your Business

Guide to Choose the Right Air Compressor for Your Business

Air compressors are one of the best tools in the market that perform a variety of tasks for a business which is why they are being used by many small and large industries worldwide. They generate huge torque and power which is way more than many other tools performing the same task like electric power tools. They are durable and if handled and maintained properly, can serve you for years and years to come. Compressor manufacturers in India manufacture air compressors in a variety of sizes, designs, types and capacities and if you are not familiar with the world of compressors, it is very obvious for you to get confused. So, if you are planning to purchase an air compressor for your business needs, this guide will help you to eliminate any confusion and select the best as per your needs 

Some of the major points that you must keep in mind while choosing the right compressor for your business are given below

  1. Grade of compressor

Oil-free air compressor manufacturers make compressors of different grades depending upon the capacity and their usage and before purchasing them, you must be aware of them. Consumer grade, contractor grade and commercial grade air compressors are usually the three types of air compressors you will get in the market. Each have different applications for light, medium and heavy usage which is why they come as portable or heavy machines to solve both lighter (non commercial) and industrial (commercial) needs.

  1. Stages of compressor

Air compressors are of single stage and two-stage types wher single stage compressors are lighter in weight, have a lower capacity and can be moved easily from one place to another while two-stage compressors are generally heavier in weight and generate huge power. SIngle stage compressors are suitable for small shops and homes while two stage compressors can simultaneously run various air tools and are suitable for garages and manufacturing units. There is a considerable difference in the price of both the compressors as well. 

Air Compressor
  1. Capacity of compressor

While purchasing the air compressor for your business, you must be very well versed with the capacity and delivery terminologies used so that you are not confused when the manufacturer tells you all this. HP which is called the HorsePower is the amount of power produced by the motor of the compressor and the higher HP produces greater PSI which is Pounds Per Square Inch. When the number of tools being simultaneously increase, the CFM or cubic Feet Per Minute is higher.

  1. Power source of the compressor

As far as the source of power of the air compressor is concerned, they run either by electric motor, by petrol engine or by diesel engine and before purchasing the air compressor, you must know which one is easier and better for your business and the working environment. Each one of them have their own advantages and limitations but it completely depends on the functional and the economical requirements  of your business as to which one you want for yourself. 

  1. Supplier and manufacturer of the compressor

There are many suppliers and the manufacturers of air compressors in India. You have to select the best one out of them so that you do not encounter any problems in future related to servicing, warranty and maintenance of your air compressor from the manufacturer. The manufacturer must be reliable and have a decent market reputation. This will help you to avail all after-sales services provided by them in an easy manner. As far as price is concerned, you can always compare the offline prices with the online stores.


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