Various Advantages of a Variable Speed Drive Air Compressor

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In response to real-time demand on the system, a variable speed drive (VSD) changes the frequency provided to the drive motor on the air compressor. When demand is low, the motor will work at a lower speed, consuming less energy which is why it is highly recommended by air compressor manufacturers in Ahmedabad. When there is a larger need for compressed air, the VSD will raise the frequency of the air compressor motor to match the CFM demands. A fixed speed rotary screw air compressor, on the other hand, maintains the same RPM throughout its operation. The fixed speed air compressor changes the air inlet valve instead of the motor speed to allow more or less air out based on CFM needs. Even when compressed air demand is minimal, the motor runs at the same speed, ensuring that it is always ready to deliver the maximum CFM it is rated for.

The Advantages of Variable Speed Drive Air Compressors

There are many advantages of Variable speed drive air compressors as compared to other air compressors which is why they are preferred more as compared to other air compressors. Some of the major advantages are discussed below in detail

  • Saves Energy

Energy savings is considered to be the biggest advantage of VSD air compressors and less energy consumption leads to saving lots of overall cost reduction which is very good for industries. A fixed-speed compressor draws the greatest amount of electricity required to fulfill the highest compressed air demand. When compressed air demand is minimal, the VSD will reduce RPM and hence power usage. For institutions with the most unpredictability in their processes, energy savings are maximized. Operators may save up to 70% on energy expenditures for compressed air systems in some circumstances!

  • Lower starting currents

VSD-controlled motors have lower beginning currents, which eliminates the significant demand spikes seen when a fixed-speed motor starts up. Inrush current can be as high as 600 percent of operational current when a fixed speed motor first energizes. During operation, the VSD converter employs a “soft” start/stop system that controls acceleration and deceleration so that the amperage peaks are reduced.

  • Long life

One of the major advantages of VSD air compressors as claimed by air compressor manufacturers in India is that they have a long service life because the VSD motor optimizes motor speeds and the performance of the compressor due to which the stress on the mechanical and electrical components are considerably reduced which ultimately prolongs the life of the compressor and reduces the downtime

  • High tolerance for plant pressure

Air compressors with variable speed drives (VSDs) provide more constant pressure for plant operations. Due to the way airflow is regulated via intake valves, a fixed speed compressor operates within rather wide pressure ranges. Electronic controls are used in a VSD compressor, which allows for significantly finer tolerances. This implies that all of the compressed air applications in the facility will have a considerably more constant discharge pressure. Because of the tighter tolerances, the compressor may run at lower delivery pressures while still maintaining the system’s minimum operating pressure.

  • Incentives for upgrading to energy-saving systems

Many power companies offer incentives to manufacturers who convert to energy-efficient equipment, such as a variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor. VSD lessens the total strain on the power grid and eliminates abrupt spikes in demand that might overwhelm the system and create an outage, which is why power providers incentivise these purchases. The costs of upgrading to a new VSD air compressor can be greatly reduced with these incentives.


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