How to Choose the Right Air Compressor for Your Business

Right Size Air Compressor

Modern day air compressors are the need of the hour and most of the industries like Food & Beverages, pharmaceuticals, textiles etc have been extensively using air compressors to enhance their business and to improve product quality. Industries which were not using these air compressors earlier have started to realise its potential and are slowly shifting to air compressors these days. Compressor manufacturers in India have been designing a wide variety of air compressors and it depends on the individual business and its requirements what they choose. If you are thinking to purchase one for your business too, this guide will definitely help you choose the best from the rest

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Factors to consider while choosing the right air compressor

As discussed there are a lot of air compressors designs available in the market and that might be confusing for you but if you know your requirements precisely, selecting the right one for you must not be a problem. Some of the factors that you might consider are below

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Selecting the right size

You can select which size you want according your business needs and also according to your budget

Consumer Grade- Consumer grade air compressors, as the name suggests are the ones that are used commonly for consumers. These are portable and small air compressors which we usually see in the tyre puncture shops to inflate tyres. These compressors cannot be used in industries as they do not throw continuous supply of compressor air and get overheated as well at times. 

Professional Grade- Professional grade air compressors again as the name suggests is used professionally as they are larger in size in comparison to consumer grade compressors and used to power multiple air tools as it provides more power as compared to the former. 

Industrial Grade- Industrial Grade air compressors are the best choices for heavy industrial works as they can be deployed for continuous and heavy usage. They have a strong build, are more durable and have no overheating issue whatsoever. They are obviously costly but solve each and every purpose for which it is purchased.

Checking how much power your work needs

Air compressors come in a lot of variety and the power delivered is different too. Each work has a different need for power and you must know how much power your work needs as this will help you to decide which compressor you must choose. The output of an air compressor is measured in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) and if your compressor has a high CFM, you can power more applications with it.

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Whether to Consider an air receiver or not

The main purpose of Air receivers are to store compressed air and they are attached to the compressors in the form of tanks where the air is stored. Now, you must understand that compressors can run without air receivers as well but it will reduce its performance drastically and increase the wear and tear of the compressor so you have to decide whether you want it or not. Air Receiver is recommended for constant pressure of out flow.

Whether to Consider an air dryer or not

The main purpose of Air dryers is to remove the water vapour and other unwanted particles from the compressed air and again your compressor can work without air dryers. But, drying of the compressed air becomes necessary to avoid corrosion and contamination of air. 

Planning your services and maintenance properly

Even before you purchase an air compressor, make sure that you have a detailed discussion about its servicing policies and maintenance so that you do have to incur any problems in future. Servicing and maintenance are vital parts of a compressor and saves a lot of time, money and effort.


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