Difference Between Single-Stage and Two-Stage Heating

Difference Between Single-Stage and Two-Stage Heating

Temperature swings could be the most annoying thing that can happen to you when you have installed a heating system at your home or any room in the ship and the weather outside is extremely cold. In order to get rid of this problem, compressor manufacturers in India have designed a two-stage heating furnace system for ships and homes so that there are no temperature swings and fluctuations and and you get continuous heating with constant temperature so that the people in the room feel comfortable. 



When striving to attain your thermostat’s temperature setting, a single-stage furnace runs at maximum capacity all of the time and does not account current airflow in your home or the outside temperature. Only a fixed gas valve is required in the single stage heating and also a single-speed blower motor is required for heating. 


One of the most exceptional features of a two-stage furnace is that it has two stages of operation i.e lower and higher stages. In the first tage which is the lowe stage, the furnace uses a very little energy to heat the room in the ship or home and when the furnace is no longer able to heat the room anymore, it upgrades itself to the next or the second stage during which it can use as much energy as required to heat up the room. This means that a two-stage furnace can be used in both mild winter and in extreme cold and it will use energy based on the weather. 

Benefits of Two-Stage Heating

A compared to a single stage furnace, two-stage furnace heating systems have far more advantages which are discussed below

Benefits of Two-Stage Heating

Consistency – One of the most important benefits of a two-stage heating furnace is that it keeps the flow of air consistent and this is the major reason it is used over single stage heating furnaces. The consistent airflow keeps the temperature under control and does not let it fluctuate which keeps the room temperature in a range always.

Efficiency – Because of the ability of the two-stage heating furnace to use energy according to the temperature, it never uses more energy than required. This is the reason why all the oil-free air compressor manufacturers claim two-stage heating as the most energy efficient system till now and this is what makes it popular across the world.

Quiet – If not in the ships, people who have installed two-stage heating furnaces at their home want it to be quiet and silent so that they can sleep or do their work peacefully without getting disturbed by the noise of the heating system. This furnace does exactly the same because the fans fitted de the system rotate at a very lower speed which is why the sound is minimised to the most and the whole system becomes quiet and soundless.

Air Quality – Another major advantage of a two-stage heating furnace is that it produces excellent air quality. All thanks to the HVAC air filter fitted inside these systems, the air inside the room will circulate more often from these filters making the quality of the air better and better every time.

Long life – Since the system maintains the temperature of the room with extreme efficiency, the user is not required to switch off and switch on the system multiple times as everything is being automated for better results. SInce frequent switching on and off of the system is minimised, the vital parts inside are protected from wear and tear enhancing the life of the system to its fullest


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