The Top 5 Reasons you should opt for an Audit of your Air Compressor System

an audit of your air compressor system

Did you purchase a new air compressor system from the best air compressor manufacturers in India to manage your work in a hassle-free way? Or you are using the old one for a long time. Whatever be the situation is, you should get an audit for your air compressor system. Conducting an audit can save a lot of money, enhance workplace safety, and identify inefficiencies in your system. So, regular auditing can provide a chunk of benefits to your air compressor system. Here, we are mentioning some of the top 5 reasons to audit your system regularly.

Save money

If you audit your air compressor system, it will reveal any serious issues that you are dealing with your equipment or efficiency. When you will rectify those problems, you can save oodles of money. Saving money is the prime benefit of an air compressor audit. You must remember that nearly 76% of your air compressor costs go to power use. So, if your system is not efficient, you are simply wasting your money. A system audit air compressor can lessen your energy costs by 50%. Moreover, an audit can reduce your maintenance costs by 30%. Because of the audit, you will know how can you take care of the air compressor unit properly. Since you know what components are incorrect or damaged, you can replace them easily.

Improve safety

You always want a safe environment for your team so that everyone can work in a hassle-free way. An audit will help you in identifying potential dangers that you can fix easily. This will help you to maintain a safe environment for your employees who are using your air compressor. During an air compressor audit, a professional and skilful expert may check various things including damaged air hoses, pressure gauges, and electrical components. Moreover, if you improve the safety of your air compressor system, this will protect your facility from damage.

Get a better system

An audit will decide whether you are using a better system for your plant or not. The experts have a plethora of knowledge and experience with air compressors from different industries. They will suggest options based on your requirements and industry. Some factors that a professional may consider during an audit are,

·        Overall compressed air demand

·        Overall compressor operation

·        Desired speed

·        Hours of operation that you need

·        Your budget for short- and long-term maintenance

·        Your budget for the overall lifetime cost

Enhance production

A properly maintained air compressor is efficient both in terms of energy use and your productivity. If you want to get maximum benefits from your air compressor audit, you should go for an assessment that looks for


Water, oil and other particles may lessen the productivity of your team. These particles may contaminate the product that you are producing. Your team needs to reset and this can create plenty of downtimes. This can hamper productivity.  


Without an audit, you don’t know what parts and components of your air compressor are damaged. This will help you to make a decision on what you need to repair.

Storage tanks

At the time of the audit, an expert may recommend you to use a storage tank or increase the size, depends on your compressed air demand. You can go for either smaller or portable tanks to boost productivity.

Get the consistent result

An audit will help you in creating consistent results for the manufacturing process. You will produce reliable products for your clients or can get consistency for projects.

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