Why is oil free air critical in industries such as food and beverage

Reciprocating Oil Free Air Compressor

Compressed air comes into direct or indirect contact with the product being created in every business that uses compressed air. In the food and beverage business, this involves the packaging or containers containing the food or beverage, or even direct contact with the food and beverage goods themselves. Oil free air produced by Air compressor manufacturers in India play a vital role in almost all the segments of the food and beverages industry.

Compressed air is used in the food and beverage sector for a number of purposes, including conveying/transporting product, bottle/container blowing, automation, fermentation, and air tools. Due to the lower initial cost of the machines, some food and beverage manufacturers choose to use lubricated, or oil flooded, screw compressors.

Specific Processes where oil free air is used 

As discussed above, the use of oil free air produced by Air compressor manufacturers in India is used in most of the processes in the food and beverage industry. Some are listed below

1. Fermentation

Aeration, which includes mixing and agitation in the production process; chilling and drying of the end product; and transferring of components and the end product are all processes that are used to control bacteria development which is called fermentation. Most fermentation processes are similar in that a tank is filled with liquid and then aerated to allow bacteria to grow during the fermentation process, which is used to make food ingredients like citric acid, wine, and yogurt. Aeration accounts for about 45 percent of a typical fermentation plant’s energy consumption.

2. Foaming process

Another example of aeration in tandem with mixing is the process of foaming, which occurs when air is injected into a product. Ice cream producers utilize this procedure to guarantee the ice cream is easy to scoop

3. Cooling and Drying

Cooling and drying is an excellent example where oil free air from a booster air compressor is used. During the dehumidifying and drying process, air comes into close contact with items like baked goods, which is critical for removing moisture that might induce bacterial development. Low-pressure blowers supply air, which is one of numerous alternatives for drying final goods efficiently.

4. Other miscellaneous uses

Food industries also employ oil-free air to pneumatically move food components, such as powdered milk and cocoa powder, from inbound tank trucks into the silos for temporary storage. They can avoid oil contaminant mixing with the powder and maintain its purity by using oil-free air. This also eliminates the possibility of oil accumulating on machines used in these areas, such as robotic arms.


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