Importance of Oil-Free Air in Medical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Step by Step Guide to Increase the Pressure in an Air Compressor

Regular air that has had its volume reduced by a compressor is known as compressed air. Compressed air is mainly hydrogen, oxygen, and water vapor, much as conventional air. When air is compressed and the pressure of the air is increased, heat is produced. Compressed air is created by Air compressor manufacturers using electricity and the generation of compressed air accounts for around ten percent of total industrial power use.

Oil-free or compressed air is critical in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of medication and associated goods. The simple reason behind this is that the air must be as pure as possible in order to prevent contamination of the finished product. As a result, any recalls, production downtime, or a long-term, unfavorable influence on a manufacturer’s reputation or goodwill due to a tainted product are avoided.

Need of compressed air in medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing 

In medical and pharmaceutical applications, product quality and performance are highly dependent on cleanliness which is why Air compressor manufacturers in India make compressed air in bulk because of the high demand. The risk tolerance for any trace pollutants such as oil or moisture is frequently determined by the product or manufacturing process. It’s critical to be able to reduce the danger to the general public. Because of the importance of these risk factors, every step of the production process, including tablet coating and product drying, must be thoroughly examined, including the compressed air danger.

There are many reasons why compressed air is used in medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and all of them are listed below

1. Capsule and tablet manufacturing

When it comes to tablet and capsule manufacturing and even the manufacturing of caplets, compressed air is used extensively. The processes of  mixing, hardening, and granulation to drying, pressing, coating, and packaging, everything involves the contact of compressed air with the medicine in the manufacturing process

2. Fermentation process

The contaminated sterile air can make the end product contaminated too resulting in the bad quality as fermenters are aerated by sterile air so compressed air plays a vital role in the proper fermentation process

3. Packaging, canning and bottling process

The packaging of medicines is a very big industry and compressed air plays a very important role in the packaging and bottling process in the pharmaceutical industry. Blister packs, pharmaceutical bottles, lightweight plastic containers, and cartons are all examples of medicine packaging. Compressed air manufactured by Screw type air compressor is used to clean and eliminate moisture from these packaging, depending on the product.

4. Instrumentation air

Compressed air is utilized to power the tools that are employed in the manufacturing process. Since the product is in touch with the air from the tools, it must be pure and oil-free. Compressed air is also used in controlling valves, sorting and polishing which comes under the rest of the process 

5. Drying process

In order to remove any sort of solvents and water from the product, medicines are dried completely and with the help of the compressed air, this process is completed through vacuum pumps which helps in evaporating the liquids from the products completely. 

6. Manufacturing of ointments, gels and syrups

Tubes and vials have to be made completely free from moisture, dust and any sort of liquid before creams and gels are inserted into them. Compressed air that comes out from Booster Air Compressor makes sure that the end product does not get contaminated because of the presence of these unwanted elements .

7. Wastewater treatment

The water that is used in the manufacturing process has to be treated first or else the whole product will be contaminated. This process is done with the help of compressed air


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