High-Pressure Air Compressors: The Purpose and Usage

Reciprocating High Pressure Air Compressor

High-pressure air compressors are not new-fangled ones in the field of the compressed-air industry and are extensively used in applications that demand consistently high pressure and additional pounds per square inch (psi) (generally around 650 psi or higher) to accomplish the tasks. Compressor boosters are also available with these high-pressure compressors that serve as add-ons for existing equipment. You may consult with eminent air compressor manufacturers in Ahmedabad if you want a high-pressure compressor for your utility.

In this article, we are going to discuss more detailed information about the high-pressure compressor.

How does a high-pressure air compressor work?

There are two prime categories of compressors under high-pressure and they are standard high-pressure air compressors and high-pressure booster compressors.

High-pressure air compressors are versatile and intricate. To supply a consistent pressure of up to 6,000 psi, these compressors take ambient air through several stages of compression. The air is cooled when it passes through each stage to compress as much as possible. This creates optimal amounts of pressure.

On the other hand, a high-pressure booster compressor system demands standard pressure services and inlets of at least 125 psi to allow for discharge pressure ranges of 450 to 640 psi. By using pre-compressed air from existing systems, these add-ons are designed for specific uses. They are ideal for situations in which plant service air is needed for most operations but much higher pressures are essential for others.

Since various industry plants can handle pressures between 90-100 psi, thus, boosters are pivotal for completing many industrial tasks. They are the most cost-effective alternatives to equipping the entire plant for higher pressures. For example, PET plastic blow moulding demands very high pressures, so plants often need to use a booster system to uplift the existing systems used for other applications. Because most of the systems don’t require much pressure.

Comprehensive, high-quality compressor systems will also feature controls allowing for automatic filling and remote monitoring, which, in turn, allow for integrated plant-wide monitoring systems. Any issues can then be quickly recognized and alleviated.

When do you need to use it?

Many air-compressing jobs demand 6,000 psi or greater pressure above the pressure range of most standard systems. Designed for use in any application requiring 650 psi or more, high-pressure air compressors encourage a consistent supply of high pressure.

For some sensitive applications like Scuba, maintaining a constant and reliable high pressure is essential to ensure users are provided with as much breathing air as possible from a single tank.

What makes up a high-pressure air compressor system?

High-pressure compressor systems are made up of air compressor, fill stations, tanks and cylinder fill stations. These systems can easily supply air to a cylinder bank, allowing for air supply in peak-demand situations.

Both complete air compressor systems and boosters contain multi-stage intercoolers to support optimal cooling between each step of the process. This ensures optimal pressures are created during the process.

Now, you have adequate knowledge of high-pressure compressors, their usage and their purposes.

To ensure steady and reliable pressures for your application, it is imperative to partner with a reputed company that can assist you in the selection process and work with you to solve your queries and issues.

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