Uses of  High-pressure Air Compressors

Uses of High-pressure Air Compressors

Due to the wide range of uses they have, high pressure air compressors are fairly common in several sectors all over the world. Because they can be customised to meet the demands of many sectors, screw compressor manufacturers make different types and categories of air compressors to meet different industrial needs.. Applications that require a continuous high pressure and additional pounds per square inch (psi) to complete certain operations—often 650 psi or higher—are served by high-pressure air compressors. Compressor boosters can also be installed as an upgrade to current systems.

Different uses of high pressure air compressors

High-pressure air compressors are utilised in a range of industries, including firefighting, industrial, SCUBA diving, and paintball and screw air compressor manufacturers make them to perfection to serve different industrial needs, Below are the different uses of air compressors

  • Devices used in breathing air

    SCUBA diving tanks are typically filled to 3000 PSI, however they are bigger tanks. SCUBA air packs are extensively used in fire, hazmat, and industrial and have PSI ratings of 2216, 4500, and 5500 PSI, however they are smaller, lighter, and simpler to transport in limited situations.

  • Industrial High Pressure devices

    When it comes to industrial usage, high air pressure devices have extensive applications and are used in Valve testing, Blow moulding, Leak testing of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, Lower cost replacement for high pressure nitrogen, Air blast circuit breakers, Proof and leak testing of refrigeration heat exchangers.

  • Paintball Sports

    The scuba diving air compressor may also be used for paintball sports. The air used in paintball has less requirements than the breathing air needed for scuba diving, though.

  • Petrochemical industry

    A clean and safe working environment is necessary for the petrochemical industry’s handling of chemicals and petrochemicals. Compressed air, a crucial component in this sector, needs to be extremely pure to guarantee worker safety and productivity. A high-pressure breathing air compressor is needed as a result.

  • Aerospace Industry

    The high-pressure air compressor is frequently employed in the aerospace industry for a variety of tasks, including metal polishing and fuel injection. Additionally, it is necessary for quality control when producing aeroplane components.

How is the air in the air compressor circulated?

As we are all aware, the extrusion principle serves as the foundation for how the air compressor’s compression chamber operates. The automated shaft’s and the rotor’s driving shaft’s front profiles are spiral-shaped. They revolve in tandem but do not touch as a result of being driven by the same transmission mechanism and motor. In this method, the air entering the rotor along the airflow direction changes periodically owing to the decreasing of the spiral gap. As a result, the pressure increases to the specified maximum pressure.

High & Low-Pressure Air Compressors

The majority of two stage reciprocating compressors are made to work at a maximum pressure of 175 psi. The majority of rotary screw compressors are made to work effectively at pressures between 90 and 125 psi. High pressure compressed air in the range of 45 to 60 psi is needed for some applications. A rotary screw compressor made for this range of pressures will have a smaller motor and use less energy than one made for greater pressures. For this range to operate satisfactorily, special construction is needed.
Some applications demand compressed air at 200 psi, but they can only employ a modified rotary screw compressor because of space, noise, or cost restrictions. Industrial settings, drilling rigs, diving operations, fire stations, and other places use high pressure reciprocating compressors with 3, 4, or 5 stages that may achieve pressures of 300 to 5000 psi.


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