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Air compressors have become an integral part of various industrial processes. From manufacturing industries to auto repair shops use air compressors to accomplish various tasks. Air compressors can power sanders, painters, dryers and other equipment used for jobs. These air-powered tools can efficiently complete a job with greater precision. Over the past few years, industries are looking for eco-friendly options that will save money and enhance the efficiency of the processes. That’s why companies are opting for environmental-friendly air compressors. If you are looking for oil-free and environmentally-friendly air compressors, you should get in touch with the reputed air compressor manufacturers in Ahmedabad.

Benefits of green-technology

Air compressors that are using eco-friendly technology are beneficial for various industries. Eco-friendly air compressors also make a positive impact on the environment. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of eco-friendly air compressors.

1. Energy Cost Savings Over Time

Compressors that are using green technology (variable speed air compressors) consume less energy to run. Thus, a facility can save a chunk of money with lower energy bills in the long term. Apart from energy savings, new variable speed air compressors come with fewer issues in terms of performance and maintenance. Thus, you need to invest less money in the maintenance of the compressors. They encourage your production to run more efficiently. All of these little savings minimize operating cost for your production unit.

2.  Improved Air Quality

Since most eco-friendly compressors are oil-free, hence they don’t emit any polluting smoke or other waste gases. These compressors don’t damage the environment and never negotiate the health of the workers.

3. No Oil Contamination

Since conventional air compressors use oil, hence there is a chance of oil contamination. If this occurs, the production time and labour cost are also increased to service the machine and production lines. Oil contamination can tarnish the quality of your products and slacken overall production times. But with oil-free air compressors, you don’t need to worry about oil contamination and thus, you can run your production smoothly.

4. More Durable, Longer-Lasting Compressors

With traditional air compressors, you need to service your compressors frequently, which slows down production and enhances labour costs. But the new variable speed air compressor can last longer without service and maintenance. A variable-speed compressor can run on average 100,000 working hours before needing any kind of service. Thus, with this type of compressors, you can save maintenance costs and also improve the overall efficiency of the production.

5. A plethora of uses

Eco-friendly compressors, like variable speed air compressors, are used for a range of purposes. Variable speed compressors can meet all the required demands of the equipment and processes in your facility. Moreover, they can be programmed to do everything automatically.

6. Lower Noise Levels

Gas-powered air compressors are quite noisy because they need to use an engine to produce compressed air. On the other hand, eco-friendly air compressors use electricity as their power source, and thus, they don’t need a gas-powered engine. You can run these compressors much more quietly. New air compressors models come with thicker steel or aluminium walls for better sound diminishing qualities, sound-dampening enclosures and rubber components to minimize noise.

7. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Variable-speed air compressors reduce carbon emissions and lessen energy usage. They minimize the impact on the environment and combat climate change.

You can make your existing air compressors more environment-friendly by following the below-mentioned steps.

·        Do proper maintenance

·        Go for pest control

·        Use high-quality lubricants and fluids

·        Upgrade your air compressors

Newer air compressor models can operate more proficiently, need less maintenance and repairs. They also comply with the new governmental standards of operation.

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