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Air Compressors

Air compressors are commonly used at home, workshop, construction site, or production site. But you might be astonished to know that certain air compressors are used in the medical field also. From dentistry to the operating table, these compressors are saving a chunk of lives every day. Medical air compressors are ideally designed for patients whether they are in the hospital or out. Most importantly, people who have purchased medical air compressors may be elderly or maybe the parents of small children. In any context, these medical air compressors can do an amazing job at saving people and patients throughout hospitals. To purchase a medical air compressor, you might consult with a pre-eminent air compressor manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

Purpose of Medical Air Compressor

If you are not accustomed to what medical air compressors do, then here we are going to describe why one needs medical air compressors.

Some patients who are admitted to hospitals may have subtle lungs or lung capacities and thus, they might feel difficulties in breathing in regular hospital air. Doctors recommend using medical air compressors for these patients. These air compressors usually consume the inside air of the hospital room and convert it into a thin stream that can be easily inhalable. Thus, patients receive oxygen from these medical air compressor machines.

Though medical air compressors are extensively used in hospitals, they are also preferred by parents of small children. Young children sometimes suffer from breathing problems with their windpipes or lungs, which makes it difficult to breathe. For these children, medical air compressors (air nebulizers) are life-saving instruments. They convert the hospital air or room air into a thin mist so that the children can easily breathe and inhale it. The medical air compressors that are used for small children can easily be carried out. Moreover, they are lightweight and thus, you can transport them easily.

Indubitably, medical air compressors are life-saving equipment within the medical industry. Whether you are taking care of a small child who has breathing problems or you are suffering from breathing difficulties due to the inadequate capacity of lungs, medical air compressors can do a plethora of jobs for doctors and patients.

Optional Accessories
Reciprocatng Medium Pressure

Accessory Equipment

Several accessories often accompany the medical air compressor system.

·        Intake: The compressor’s air intake should be located outdoors (above roof level and at least 10 ft from any door, window, other intakes).

·        Air receiver: The prime role of the air receiver is to store air and balance pressure variations.

·        Compressed air dryer: The primary use of the dryer is to remove water vapour from the air stream.

·        Duplex final filters: These should be rated for 100% system capacity, with a minimum of 98% efficiency at 1 micron or greater.

·        Medical air regulators: Regulators can control the pressure of the air system. They must be sized for 100% of the system’s peak calculated demand under design conditions.

·        Alarm sensors: A medical air compressor should possess alarm sensors located nearby where they can be continuously monitored by the hospital authority. These alarms are mainly for high pressure, low pressure, and other trouble.

·        Anti-vibration mountings: These should be provided for the compressors, receiver, and dryers, as required by the manufacturer.

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