Tips to Extend the Life of Your Air Compressor

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Air Compressor

Air compressors are the vital equipment used in the industries and play a very important role in many different ways. Purchasing the best quality air compressor and ensuring its proper maintenance from time to time is the key to extending its life so that it can be used whenever required. air compressor manufacturers in Ahmedabad recommend Preventive maintenance as it is the best way to extend the life of the compressor and minimise downtime as well as repair cost.

Maintenance Tips to Extend Air Compressor Life

  • Check Oil Levels regularly: One of the most important things that keeps air compressors going is the oil. Manufacturers always recommend checking and changing oil whenever required so that it remains properly lubricated and lasts longer. This 10 mins schedule on a regular basis will prove vital for your compressor
  • Replace Filters periodically: Due to exposure in moisture and air, compressors often attract a lot of foreign particles, dust and trash from the environment and are not able to perform as expected. Replacing filters once in a week is recommended as the best way to enhance the compressor’s life and get the desired output
  • Keep Monitoring Temperature: Maintaining the temperature of the compressor is the key to enhance its life as it must not exceed the desired temperature levels. Many air compressors come with automatic temperature monitoring systems but if you don’t have that, you must regularly monitor temperature manually and take action as soon the levels exceed
  • Tighten Loose Bolts: When the compressor is in continuous operation for a long time, it tends to vibrate leading to loosening of bolts frequently. So, it becomes very important to check those loose screws and bolts regularly and tighten them so that the important parts of the compressor remain safe and the possibility of a breakdown could be avoided.
  • Keep it free from moisture: Moisture is one of the major reasons for rust which could cause heavy damage to the compressor and the tank which is the reason it must always be kept free from the moisture and any moisture that is visible must be drained out as soon as possible.
  • Check for possible Leaks: With continuous operation and lack of maintenance, there is always the possibility of leaks in your compressor which is why the hoses must be regularly checked for any possible leaks and must be taken care of as soon as anything unusual is noticed.
  • Manage Repair Issues Quickly: The small repair works must not take much of the time and these repair works must never be left unattended as these might cost you big in future. Make sure everything that is repairable is repaired quickly and never delayed or ignored. Investing in small repairs will save you from spending big in future
  • Check Air Quality: The main function of the air compressor is to provide quality air to you so it becomes very important to check the air quality of the compressor from time to time as even a small amount of moisture or rust can affect the air quality and you won’t get the desired output you are expecting.

Importance of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Maintenance

The length of the asset lifetime and various aspects of each service/maintenance as it ages must both be taken into account when creating a high volume high pressure air compressor maintenance checklist. To minimise damage, you could discover that some inspections need to be performed daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You may break down your maintenance into daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly services in your preventative programme and set reminders for each of them to be followed up.


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