The Ultimate Guide to find and fix compressed air leaks

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Air compressors have a plethora of applications in various industries and they are extensively used in various fields, including automation and assembly, chemical manufacturing, agriculture and construction. When you are using an air compressor in your utility, you should know when and how to fix compressed air leaks. These air leaks can impact severely on the system. If remain untreated for a long period, they can minimize up to 20 per cent of the compressed air production capacity. A practical approach to finding and repairing these leaks can minimize energy waste and keep your product unit running smoothly. You may consult with a reputed Indo air compressors manufacturer in Ahmedabad who will help you in identifying and repairing the leaks.

Compressed air leaks

Compressed air leaks can be both planned and unplanned. The planned leaks are built into the system and are used for different purposes within the production process. These leaks are standard and you don’t need to worry about them.

On the other hand, unplanned leaks occur because of maintenance problems and can develop within any part of the compressed air system. Only early detection and a quick repair can help your compressed air system run smoothly. Below we are mentioning some places where you may notice these types of leaks.

·        Missed welds within a pipe joint or outcroppings

·        If thread sealant is not applied properly

·        Couplings, hoses, and tubes

·        Disconnects

·        Filters

·        Cylinder rod packaging

Now, suppose if your facility is about 100,000 square-foot and if 30 per cent of the air used went to waste, it may cost around Rs. 26 Lacs annually (based on the amount of energy used). This is why it is imperative to find out and repair these leaks before you need to spend a hefty amount.

How to detect compressed air leaks?

There are a few ways that help you to detect air compressed leaks before the problem escalates.


an audible hissing sound coming from the compressed airline is the primary sign that something is not correct. But if your facility is situated in a noisy area, this could be difficult for you. Listening to an air leak may be easier when your system is not operational.

Ultrasonic Acoustic Detector:

This is a reliable approach to detect compressed air leaks within your facility. The detector is designed in such a way that it can pick up the high-frequency noises stanching from an air leak. This technology includes directional microphones, amplifiers, audio filters, or a visual indicator that work together to identify leaks in your air compressor system.

Fixing And Preventing Compressed Air Leaks

Fixing a compressed air leak is quite simple and easy. You need to replace outmoded couplings, fittings, hoses, or piping. You also need to ensure that all parts are high-quality and fit firmly to minimize the likelihood of leaks. Also, check whether the sealant is applied correctly or not.

This also reduces airflow if it is functioning at a higher than the required level, to lower the level of leaked air. You must consult with a professional who will conduct a compressed air audit to determine the strength of your system.

You should choose a company which has adequate experience in identifying and repairing air compressed leaks. In this scenario, you should consider the profile of Indoair. Indoair is a prodigious air compressor manufacturer in Ahmedabad that offers plenty of compressors. Moreover, the company has an excellent track record in repairing and maintenance.

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