How Often should you Service your Compressed Air Equipment?

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Air compressor maintenance helps your compressed air system to run smoothly. Whether you operate one or more compressors, you should regularly inspect key components of the equipment and service them, if required. Many established air compressor manufacturers in India are offering air compressor maintenance and services to clients. Several machines, tools and functions rely on compressed air; thus, it is very essential to ensure that every compressor within an industrial setting can perform in a hassle-free way. Industrial compressor failure can result in costly downtime.

Servicing your compressed air system is very imperative to avoid downtime and having reduced productivity for avoidable reasons. Depending on how often you are using your compressor, you will be able to understand how frequently you need to service your equipment. If you are running your compressor occasionally, then annual service will be sufficient to cater to your needs. On the other hand, if you are using it continuously, then quarterly service would be the best choice to meet your needs.

Here are some useful tips to run your compressor smoothly.

Replace Filters: You must replace your air, oil, and panel filters between 1000 to 2000 hours.

Replace your oil: Irrespective of your usage, oil degenerates with time and needs to be replaced. Degraded oil is responsible for catastrophic air end failure. If this happened, then you need to invest a chunk of money to repair it. So, you should opt for a less costly option i.e., just change the oil annually.

Purchasing oil: Purchase CP oil for your CP machine. This ensures that your machine is running at its best performance and enhances longevity.

Other Checklist Items: Check condensate drains are functioning accurately or not. Thoroughly check drain valves and/or switching valves. Clean and inspect your machine.

Know the signs

If you have experienced any of the below-mentioned signs, check the compressor manual first. It doesn’t matter how significant the signs are if you don’t know about the instrument you are dealing with.

Excess moisture

When your compressed air system is functioning, it accumulates moisture that should be reduced. If your air compressor is producing excess condensation, there must be a fault in the automatic drain system.

Loud noise

Does your air compressor system sound louder than usual? If you have experienced inconsistent noise or any rattling or similar noises, then there must be a broken component rattling around or a fault in the motor.

Breakers tripping frequently

Equipment tripping breakers can signify multifarious things. You first check the electrical circuit, powering the compressor thoroughly. But if there is no fault and the system continues to trip breakers or blow fuses, you should consult with an experienced serviceman.

High loss of pressure

Having low air pressure indicates either reporting issues, wear and tear on internal or external parts, or sometimes a simple technical issue. Sometimes, you can easily fix the issue. But if you can’t identify anything, you will be ending up with huge amounts of losses in energy costs to keep it running.

On/off unresponsive

If your compressor is not working, first you need to check the circuit. Buy, if you can’t identify anything, you must think about repair.

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