5 essential parts of air compressor required for operation

essential parts of air compressor required for operation

Most sectors, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and textiles, have used modern-day air compressors extensively to improve their product quality & Quantity, as these air compressors are the need of the hour. Compressor manufacturers in India have been producing a broad range of air compressors, and these compressors come with a number of parts that are extremely important for the operation.

In this article, we will be discussing 5 important parts of an air compressor without which the compressors cannot operate.

  1. Filters

Panel and Oil filters are the two extremely important parts for the air compressor for operation. Panel filters are meant to protect the control board of air compressors from aerosol and other dust and foreign particles. Control boards exposed to dust particles without protection over an extended period of time might short circuit and cause power failures.

Oil filter change is part of the routine maintenance conducted on air compressors, and a normal oil filter typically lasts for 1000 hours. Depending on how the machine is used, some of them might last up to 2000 / 3000 hours.

  1. Air Dryers

As suggested by the oil-free air compressor manufacturers, the main purpose of Air dryers is to remove the water vapour and other unwanted particles from the compressed air. Your compressor can work without air dryers but, drying of the compressed air becomes necessary to avoid corrosion and contamination of air. 

Moisture is produced during the compressed air process. An air dryer keeps moisture out of the compressed air system’s critical components, as well as the equipment employed. Water in the unwanted sections of your compressed air system may harm pipework, cylinders, air valves, and other machine components. Make sure you select a dryer that is appropriate for your machine and application. This may lessen the need for future repairs.

  1. Pressure Regulators

A pressure regulator’s primary function is to regulate pressure. Pressure regulators are necessary in air compressors because they perform a range of distinct and important purposes, such as limiting the system pressure below a certain limit or maintaining a certain pressure level in a specific area of the circuit.. A pressure regulator’s essential operation stays the same regardless of where it is utilised. Higher air pressure in the compressor system causes excessive wear and tear in the parts of the compressor which results in the poor performance of the equipment. Also, the life expectancy of the system gets considerably shorter which is why pressure regulators are extremely important 

  1. Hoses

The hose must fit perfectly around your compressor and be appropriate for your purpose. A hose that is too lengthy will waste energy, while a hose that is too short will limit the productivity of your personnel. Hoses can also acquire bends and kinks over time, resulting in air leaks.

The hose’s gauge determines how long it will last, and certain hoses are better suited to particular purposes than others. When it comes to running your air compressor as effectively as possible, hoses are crucial.

  1. Air Oil Separator

As the name suggests, the main purpose of the air-oil separator is to separate compressed air from the compressor oil. Another main purpose of this separator is to keep the system lubricated everytime it is in operation which minimises any wear and tear in the system caused due to lack of lubrication. This also keeps the system free from contamination.


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