When to Add an Air Dryer to Your Compressed Air System?

Air Dryer to Your Compressed Air System

An air dryer is a healthy and worthy investment for your compressed air system. This helps in eradicating moisture that is dangerous for both your system and equipment. Moisture is harmful to metal and machinery. When water infiltrates your air compressor system, it can cause rusted metal and mould along the interior portion of your tools and system. This development is not at all accepted for the healthcare and food industries. Because end-of-line contamination can tarnish the name and reputation of the business.

Moisture damages your air compressor (especially to the air motors and valves) that you have purchased from a renowned air compressor manufacturer in India. Though you may think that purchasing an air dryer will enhance your expenses, you should remember that the cost associated with product contamination or loss of production can be more expensive and costlier.

What types of air dryer do you need?

Air dryers will help you to avoid the adverse consequences of moisture within your air compressor system. Depending on your geographical location and how you are going to use compressed air, you should select the right type of air dryer.

Let’s take a look at various types of air dryers that are available in the market.

Desiccant Dryers: By using materials such as silica gel activated alumina or other sieves, these types of dryers remove the moisture from the air. This approach is perfect for industrial & Pharma companies and other places where the lines run the risk of freezing. 

Refrigerated Dryers: By using a refrigerant to chill compressed air, these types of dryers remove the moisture before rewarming the air. Everything happens before the air enters the piping for its application. Particulate filtration extirpates dirt, rust, or any other contaminants before they reach the destination.

Air dryer installation tips

We are mentioning some useful suggestions while installing.

Never place your Dryer on the Floor: Avoid keeping or placing it directly on the floor. Very often the floor is flooded with dirt, debris and dust. Thus, your air dryer may pull air directly from these things. Because of a dirty environment, a dryer shuts down.

Consider a Shelf For your air dryer: Save your time and effort and build (or buy) a stand to place your dryer on.

Give the Dryer its Own Space: Air Dryers are designed specifically to have certain clearances around them to permit cooler ambient air for heat dissipation.

Air dryer store tips

Vibration: Even the most efficient air compressors are not free of vibrations. If you keep the air dryer on top of the compressor, it will be absorbing those vibrations.

Temperature: most air compressors are designed to exhaust the aftercooler out from the top of the machine. This creates a higher atmospheric temperature around the top of the air compressor. This is the place where you are planning to keep the dryer. The dryer needs cooler air across the heat exchanger to work efficiently. If the hot air from the air compressor is being exhausted into the same ambient air that the dryer is using, the dryer will become less efficient.

Moisture: The prime reason you opt for a dryer is to remove moisture from the air. The moisture is removed via a drain located at the back of the dryer.

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