Maintaining Your Compressor With Genuine Spare Parts

Maintaining Your Compressor With Genuine Spare Parts

Each component of an industrial high pressure air compressor is prone to deterioration and requires replacement at specific times. As top notch air compressor manufacturers in India, the experts are fully aware of the specific air compressor spare parts that are required and when. In addition to providing service packages to aid in the upkeep of this machinery, they also stock space components for individuals that choose to handle their own air compressor maintenance.

That being said, it is important to understand that only genuine components are made to the highest standards, specifically designed for your air compressor and put through rigorous testing. Using fake replacement parts might endanger your compressed air system as a whole.

When evaluating the lifespan of a compressor and its parts, operating circumstances are really important. Because lubricating oil and filters are the first lines of defense for a machine, it is vital that you preserve the compressors’ lifespan, dependability, and performance.

In addition to their primary roles in heat absorption and lubrication, lubricants also stop pollutants and premature corrosion. Using non-genuine oil in air compressors carries risks that can shorten the equipment’s lifespan. Due to inadequate lubrication, this will also cause sediments to accumulate in the oil circuit and moving parts, increasing the possibility that metal components may be corroded by oil oxidation. Genuine fluids provide better lubrication and safeguard equipment components. This enhances the functionality of your machine and lowers equipment breakdowns.Longer-lasting genuine quality fluids reduce the need for fluid replenishment, disposal expenses, and downtime during equipment maintenance.

Risks associated with non-genuine parts –

Loss of performance and efficiency due to general specifications: the majority of third-party replacement components are less expensive and made to fit into various machines, sometimes even manufactured by different manufacturers, rather than being precisely made for a certain type of compressor. This indicates that in order to maintain compatibility with as many models as feasible, compromises are made throughout the construction of certain elements.

High energy expenses and failure risk: Replacing original parts with third-party ones may cause a greater pressure decrease than original. This raises the energy consumption of the device and may potentially lead to the compressor failing.

The cost of the purchase is not the only expense you will incur. It is necessary to understand that there is a specific filter designed for nearly every type of cleanliness level when choosing a replacement for the one in your compressor. This implies that consumers should consider factors including quality, efficiency, differential pressure, and service life before needing to replace their item in addition to price. Purchasing the incorrect one could ultimately result in higher maintenance costs.

You could be tempted to purchase non-genuine components because they are less expensive, but you will always lose more money overall. While authentic replacement parts may seem pricey at first, they will end up being far more economical in the long term and provide you with total piece of mind.

Using original parts provides your plant with the following advantages:

  • Defend your investment from the equipment’s subpar operation.
  • Cut back on operating expenses
  • Reduce the amount of equipment downtime
  • extended equipment service life is required
  • Has a high degree of operational consistency
  • Reduced use of energy and oil

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