How to Choose an Air Dryer for Your Compressor?


An air compressor builds pressure to compress air which is then used in various applications. Depending on the usage, any impurities in the air can lead to huge problems. Condensation is quite a significant issue with air compressors as it not only reduces the air quality, but also affects the air compressor. 

According to high pressure compressor manufacturers, condensation can corrode various parts and even lead to vapors. The only way to combat these issues is using an air dryer. An air dryer helps keep the compressor system free from moisture and improves air quality. 

If you are facing condensation issues with your compressor or want to resolve the issue even before it arises, you are at the right place. Today we will discuss how you can choose the right air dryer for your compressed air system.

Integrated dryers 

When your workspace is congested and you don’t have space to adjust an additional air dryer, an integrated system is the best alternative. Most air compressor manufacturers offer integrated dryers to help remove moisture from the compressed air.

Integrated air dryers are not just space saving but also reduce the overall cost. When you go for an integrated system, you don’t have to pay for installation and it also offers better convenience. If you are someone with limited space but need an air dryer, talk to your manufacturer to know about all the possible options and pick the best one for better services. 

If space is not the problem for you, you can go for separate air dryers. When it comes to buying a separate unit, you can go for refrigerated air dryers or desiccant air dryers. The refrigerated air dryers are useful when you need dry air but there is no standard dew point which is the case with some applications. Refrigerated air dryers come in two types which are cycling and non cycling dryers. Let’s understand the two types in detail. 

Non-cycling refrigerated dryers 

Non-cycling refrigerated air dryers use refrigeration compressors to cool off the air so that moisture can be reduced. As soon as you turn on the switch, the dryer will start working and it will stop only when you turn off the switch. There is no automatic shutdown but are usually inexpensive. The non-cycling refrigerated air dryers make a great choice when you need the dryer to run continuously. 

Cycling refrigerated dryers 

Cycling refrigerators work better than non-cycling refrigerated dryers and are particularly beneficial when used in applications where you need the dryer to work as and when required and shut down automatically. The cycling refrigerated dryers start working when you turn the switch on, but they work only until cooling is required. Since the dryer stops when not required, your system uses less electricity and thus you will save on your electricity bills. 

Desiccant dryer 

When you need the air dryer to reach standard dew points such as -20 degrees or lesser, desiccant air dryers make the perfect fit. The air dryer uses chemical beads named desiccants made of silica gel or activated alumina. The desiccants remove moisture by absorbing water vapor from the compressed air thus helping you achieve the desired dew point. Desiccant air dryers are used when the compressed air is used for sensitive application where even slight moisture can be problematic. 
These are some top choices of air dryers you can combine with your compressed air system to keep your system free from moisture and condensation. You can get better understanding by consulting with air dryer manufacturers in Ahmedabad.


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