Advantages of oil-free air compressor

Reciprocating Oil Free Air Compressor

Industries like hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies, semiconductors manufacturing companies etc have been extensively using oil-free compressors and industries which are not using these compressors yet have started to realise its worth and are thinking to switch to them as well. In order to meet your manufacturing needs, compressor manufacturers in India make oil-compressors that provide compressed air of the highest quality which can be used for different purposes. The air that comes out of these oil-free air compressors are of the highest quality in terms of purity and helps to reduce harmful emission of radiations and purify air to make the environment better for your employees. 

What exactly is Oil-Free Air?

Oil-free air is actually extremely purified air of the highest quality that is used in many industries. The degree of purity of the air is different depending on the requirement and risk tolerance of different industries.

Manufacturing Benefits of Oil-Free Air

  • Reduces the Risk of Contamination 

Whenever the compressed air comes in contact with the end product, there is always a risk of contamination. This is why oil-free air compressor manufacturers always recommend never introducing oil into your airstream.

  • Reduces Environmental Impact 

Unlike oil-flooded screw compressors which require a large amount of oil-change every six to twelve months, oil-free compressors do not require any oil changes for around 3-4 years as the oil-change does not come under the compression process. Also, in case of other compressors, the old oil has to be properly disposed of as per the guidelines of the government as they might be hazardous for the environment. 

  • Reduces Maintenance Costs

Oil-flooded compressors, as discussed above, require oil changes every exi to twelve months which is itself a costly business as it not only adds to the operational cost but requires manpower too. Oil-flooded compressors require expensive oil filters too to clean the compressed air which is totally eliminated in case of oil-free compressors. 

  • Reduces Energy Costs

The overall cost savings from energy can alone be a huge amount as energy costs are usually 60-70% of the total life cycle of an air compressor. Oil-flooded air compressors are fitted with several oil filters in order to clean the manufactured air, which decreases the pressure in the compressor and in order to maintain the pressure, the compressor has to work harder to meet the pressure demand which will consume energy.

Why are Oil-Free Air Compressors good for industries?

Medical and Pharmaceutical- When it comes to medical and pharmaceutical industries, cleanliness plays a major role in the quality of products and oil-free compressors totally eliminates the risk of contamination.

Oil Free Reciprocating Low Pressure

Food and Beverage :- Food and beverages are consumable items and it is directed by the government to manufacture them free of contamination and this is where oil-free compressors are used to create pure air and use them.

Electronics :- In order to reduce the air contaminants, dry compressed air plays a major role and electronic products are very delicate and even the smallest of contaminants can ruin the whole product. This is where the oil-free compressors are used.


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