Things you must know before using an air compressor for the first time

Things you must know before using an air compressor for the first time

The majority of industries, including those in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, textile, and other sectors, have been heavily utilising air compressors to grow their businesses and improve the quality of their products. Industries that did not previously use these air compressors have begun to see their potential and are gradually switching over to them these days. It depends on the specific business and its needs what it chooses from the broad range of air compressors that the compressor manufacturer in Ahmedabad have been producing.

Air compressors are potentially dangerous if not used with proper knowledge and beginners using it for the first time could either hurt themselves or damage the equipment. If you are thinking to buy an air compressor for the first time or are going to use this amazing equipment for the first time, this article will definitely give you some valuable insights

Preparing yourself for the first time 

There are every do’s and don’ts of using an equipment for the first time and you need to prepare yourself with all the requirements before starting to use them specially if the equipment is potentially dangerous. Some of the points you must keep in mind while preparing to 

  • Some of these devices utilise oil because they contain pistons, whereas others don’t because they have rubber diaphragms. Verify the kind you are utilising. Make sure there is adequate oil in the crankcase before operating your air compressor if it needs it.
  •  Always be ready with steel-toe footwear and safety eyewear to protect yourself in case your equipment breaks down. 
  • Make sure the air compressor is stable and on a flat, firm surface before using it. Recognize that you are using potentially hazardous equipment.
  •  Consider all possible outcomes and potential hazards before utilising an air compressor so you’ll be ready to handle them if they arise.

Using the Air Compressor

Once you are prepared to use the equipment, it’s the time to actually start using the air compressor. 

  • Before turning it on

There are few things that you must keep in mind even before you start the air compressor. FOllowing those instructions would not only save you from any accidents but will also keep the equipment safe because Air compressors are costly equipment and safeguarding them is your responsibility. Attach the required hose connections, close the drainage valves, and lower the air hose pressure before turning on the switch. When you connect the power cable, check if the pressure power switch is off. The power switch for the air compressor can then be activated.

  • Plan your services and maintenance properly

Servicing and maintenance are vital parts of a compressor and saves a lot of time, money and effort. Even before you purchase an air compressor, make sure that you have a detailed discussion about its servicing policies and maintenance so that you do not have to incur any problems in future. Never operate the equipment if the air hose is damaged, old, or kinked. For those air compressors that need it, replace the oil on a regular basis. 

  • Compatibility with other tools

In order to make sure that your air compressor performs to its fullest and has a prolonged service life, you must ensure that it must not be used with other tools that are not compatible with it. Your air compressor won’t work with some tools. Before using them together, make sure they work together. Learn the different pounds per square inch (psi) specifications for each air compressor you use. The proper psi for your tools should also be known to you.


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