Purpose of Compressed Air Storage Tank

Compressed Air Storage Tank

The most frequently quoted question regarding storage tanks is, is it necessary to have a receiver tank. The answer would be, having a receiver will be beneficial for most applications. However, the type of tank is something that will need a little more research according to your needs. According to air compressor manufacturers in Ahmedabad, storage tanks can be horizontal or vertical and the choice can be made according to the available space. 

Before you again get into the question of whether you should buy a compressor or not, let’s understand what purpose a compressed air storage tank serves. 

Offers Energy Storage 

The receiver tank can work as a temporary storage space for the compressed air until you decide what to do with it. The stored compressed air can be used during emergencies and the receiver tank can function as a supply tank in such situations. Having a receiver tank is not just a place to store the extra energy but it also works as a backup if there is sudden demand or there is increase in demand, or something goes wrong at the end of the compressor. The receiver tank is a savior if you know how to maintain it well.  

Works as a Stabilizer 

When the demands of compressed air are not stable, the pressure goes on the compressor. It requires temporary shutdowns repeatedly and that not only leads to wastage of energy but also hinders the performance and productivity of the compressor. 

Having a receiver tank makes it easy to stabilize the process as sudden demands can be met from the stored energy and the compressor can be given some rest or can be used in fixed cycles which will lead to efficient results. 

Improves Energy Efficiency 

Turning the compressor on and off again and again creates too many duty cycles for the compressor and all this leads to wastage of energy. Having a receiver tank prevents such situations and thus helps in improving energy efficiency. The power that is going wasted in maintaining various cycles can be used for meaningful cycles that will add to the productivity of the system. 

Improves Dryers’ Efficiency 

Using a receiver tank before the dryer can reduce the work for the dryers. The receiver tank can help in cooling off the compressed air by working as a heat exchanger. The cool air loses a part of moisture it contains and it condenses in the receiver tank before reaching the dryer. The condensed moisture runs out of the valve at the bottom of the receiver tank which eventually makes the air a little dry. Thus, the job of the dryer is reduced when the air is first stored in a storage tank. 

Reduces Load on Filters

The removal of the moisture from the compressed air in the storage tank is also beneficial for the coalescing filters. The moisture that condenses and gets removed as water makes the air dry and that works great for the filters. The air is dryer than it is when freshly compressed. When the air passes through the filters, less moisture accumulates on the filters and that’s beneficial for the overall working of the filters. Thus, having a storage tank can reduce some load on filters as well. 

Getting a storage tank can be a great investment if you make a smart choice. Find a good compressor manufacturer in India, and tell them about the compressor you own. They will suggest the right match according to your requirements. If you are yet to find someone to help you, we will be glad to offer some consultation. Click here and book your compressor consultation call with experts. 


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