Criticality of oil-free air in Medical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Criticality of oil-free air in Medical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

A variety of tools and mechanisms are used in manufacturing processes to produce goods for consumers all over the world. The same is true for producers of drugs and medical equipment. Conveyor belts, drums, rotary tools, and compressed air are all used in these factories to create medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical and medical producers, in contrast to other businesses, must maintain the cleanest facilities and best air quality to keep pollutants off of their goods. Oil free air produced by compressors and manufactured by air compressor manufacturers in Ahmedabad is essential for the pharmaceutical sector’s manufacture of drugs and related products. The simplest explanation for this is that in order to prevent contamination of the completed product, the air needs to be as clean as possible.

How is oil-free air obtained?

Pharmaceutical and medical production operations can adhere to domestic and international laws if they use oil-free compressed air. Additionally, it gives customers comfort in knowing that the things they use will benefit them rather than harm them. Compressed air without oil may be created in a variety of methods. The application and the level of filtration required for the cleanest air possible will determine which compressor should be used. Two popular types of systems are multi-filtration systems for oil-filled screw compressors and oil-free screw compressors.

Need of oil-free air in medical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing

1. Manufacturing of capsules and tablets

Compressed air is used extensively during the production of tablets, capsules, and even caplets. Everything that happens throughout the production process of a medicine—from mixing, hardening, and granulation to drying, pressing, coating, and packaging—involves the interaction of compressed air with the drug.

2. During the process of fermentation

Because fermenters are aerated by sterile air, contaminated sterile air can also infect the finished product, resulting in poor quality. This is the reason why compressed air is essential so that the fermentation process can be done appropriately and without any contamination

3. Packing and bottling process

Compressed air is crucial to the packaging and bottling processes of the pharmaceutical sector, which is a very large industry dedicated to the packaging of pharmaceuticals. Examples of drug packaging include blister packs, pharmaceutical bottles, light-weight plastic containers, and cartons. Depending on the product, compressed air is utilised to clean and remove moisture from these containers.

4. Used in instruments

To power the tools used in the manufacturing process, compressed air is used. The product must be pure and devoid of oil because it will come into contact with the tools’ air. Additionally, the rest of the process, which includes sorting and polishing, uses compressed air to regulate valves.

5. Process of drying

Medicines are totally dried in order to eliminate all solvents and water from the product. Compressed air is used in vacuum pumps to finish this process, which aids in entirely evaporating the liquids from the items. Air compressors effectively complete this drying process, one of the most crucial parts of the pharmaceutical industry.

6. In manufacturing ointments, gels and syrups

Before creams and gels are put into tubes and vials, they must be rendered absolutely free of moisture, dust, and any kind of liquid. In order to prevent the finished product from becoming polluted by the presence of these undesirable materials, compressed air is released from the booster air compressor.

7. Treating wastewater

To prevent contamination of the entire product, the water used in the manufacturing process must first be purified. Compressed air is used in this procedure to make the waste water suitable for use in manufacturing. This is a very important process which must be done efficiently


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