Benefits of an Oil Free Piston Compressor

Benefits of an Oil Free Piston Compressor

An oil-free piston compressor is probably the best option if you work in a critical industry like food/beverage or pharmaceuticals. Compressors produce a lot of heat, thus a cooling element is necessary to keep everything operating. Oil free air compressor manufacturers in India make them in such a way that oil is used in oil-injected air compressors to lubricate the moving parts. With this strategy, components with quick rotation produce the least amount of heat and noise. They are good for the majority of applications, although they leave oil residue in the airflow.

Although filters and dryers can remove undesired pollutants, an oil-free air compressor will provide the highest levels of cleanliness. This equipment utilises different cooling techniques because oil is not present to keep your equipment cool. There are a lot of benefits of using oil free piston compressor which are discussed in detail in this article.

Benefits of Oil-Free Piston compressors

  • Reduces the Risk of Contamination: Strict cleanliness requirements must be satisfied in several industries in order to guarantee high-quality output. An oil-free air compressor is not only useful for these applications, it is also required. There cannot be any oil particles escaping the machine and polluting the manufactured goods, ensuring their cleanliness and safety. This is why air compressor manufacturers in Ahmedabad recommend never introducing oil into your airstream.
  • Reduces Environmental Impact: Unlike oil-flooded screw compressors which require a large amount of oil-change every six to twelve months, oil-free compressors do not require any oil changes for around 3-4 years as the oil-change does not come under the compression process. Also, in case of other compressors, the old oil has to be properly disposed of as per the guidelines of the government as they might be hazardous for the environment.
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs: Oil-flooded compressors, as discussed above, require oil changes every six to twelve months which is itself a costly business as it not only adds to the operational cost but requires manpower too. Oil-flooded compressors require expensive oil filters too to clean the compressed air which is totally eliminated in case of oil-free compressors.
  • Reduces Energy Costs: The overall cost savings from energy can alone be a huge amount as energy costs are usually 60-70% of the total life cycle of an air compressor. Oil-flooded air compressors are fitted with several oil filters in order to clean the manufactured air, which decreases the pressure in the compressor and in order to maintain the pressure, the compressor has to work harder to meet the pressure demand which will consume energy.
  • Reduces cost of ownership: Energy costs typically account for between 60 and 70 percent of the total cost of operating an air compressor, so the overall cost reduction from energy alone might be significant. Multiple oil filters are used in oil-flooded air compressors to clean the generated air, which lowers the pressure inside the compressor and makes it harder for the compressor to keep up the pressure, which uses energy.
  • Increases speed and noise reduction: Oil is viscous and difficult to move, especially in cold situations, therefore oil-injected air compressors need more energy to heat up and begin operating. You won’t need to wait for the oil-free air compressor to start up, allowing you to immediately begin manufacturing.
  • Oil-free compressors have the additional benefit of being able to run silently. Some have sound pressure values of only 48 dBA. While sound may not be the most crucial factor for most facilities, it is a benefit if your engineers and technicians spend a lot of time close to the machine during the course of their job.

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