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Oil Free High Pressure Compressor  
IAH Series Compressors :  
The search for a reliable 100% Oil Free quality air has prompted INDo-AIR to come out with totally engineered, tested and high performance range of compessors. To ensure the product quality in the production of PET bottles, containers for home care / cosmetic products, food products, pharmaceutical products, usage in aeronautics, turbine & hydraulic circuit pressurizing & pharmaceutical industries, INDo-AIR has developed its new IAH series compressors.

To meet the needs of user application & customer requirements INDo-AIR , while designing the IAH series water cooled compressors
Canopy For Low Noise  
An unique feature of INDo-AIR IAH series compressor which is part of the standard supply. A well designed canopy with inner lining of sound insulation ensures low noise level around the compressor.
Electric Panel  
Conforms to International standards of electrical components and wiring.
Star-delta starter with thermal protection to reduce in rush current to the motor during start up and smooth running of motor.
All electrical control through MMI operation.
A large mushroom emergency button for quick stoppage of compressor in an easy accessible location at operator level.
Air Cooling of the compressor system  
An adequately designed fan mounted on motor shaft with suitable suction area for cooling the motor as well the compressor.
Suitably designed exhaust passage at the top of canopy for hot air to escape to atmosphere.
Technical Data
Comparison Sheet between the small-displacement Air Compressor  
Piston air compressor has known disadvantage of more consumable parts. bigger noise, higher maintenance cost. & shorter service life, etc.
Screw air compressor requires of high machine cost, leading no comparative advantage in small air compressor market.
Scroll air compressor possess of the advantages of low noise, stable Running, high reliability, less maintain cost, energy saving, & environment-protection
Energy-saving Masterpiece in small air compressor Range  
Sampling 1m/min/0.8 Mpa. compressor saves at least 1.5KW/h electric power than common Piston air compressor
If annually 300-day plus everyday 10-hour running, one machine will every year save more than 4500KW/h electric power
Top quality Scroll Compressor Internals For Optimum Performance Scroll Bare Compressor
Energy-saving :Asymmetrical linear design with stable & continuous air supply.& high volumetric efficiency. Waistshaped outlet design without the energy loss from over or open compression Motor-Bare Compression Motor-Bare Compressor’s direct connection to reduce the belt-drving loss
Reliable :High reliability comes to only 1/10 of structural parts than Piston air compressor Non-contacting Scroll, non-abrasive design Low-voltages & Frame design to minimize bearing stress.
Mute-tech : Streamlined design for Back-balance, and inside equipped with a quieter Dynamic-3D & Countershaft-bearing aligning, to minimize mechanical vibration.
Economical : No consumable parts, to save maintaining cost Only require of periodically replacing Filters & Oil Electric-power –saving, and higher than Piston-air-compressor 1st –class energy-saving standar
Oil Free Reciprocating Compressors  
Model IAX6 IAX7.5 IAX10 IAX15 IAX20
Air-discharge Capacity(CFM) 24 30 40 60 78
Air-discharge Pressure(Bar)     8 Bar    
Air-supply/Temp(0C) environment temperature +50
Noise dB(A     (57-62)±3    
Oil content in Air (ppm)     <3,slight oil    
Rotate Speed (r/min)     3000    
Power (Kw/HP) 4.5/6 5.5/7.5 7.5/10 1.1/15 15/20
Electric Motor Start Mode   Direct Connection Direct Startup    
Voltage/Hz     415±10%/50    
L x W x H (mm) 900x415x994 900x500x780 900x560x800 1100x680x900 1130x695x915
Weight (kg) 179 228 238 400 428
Standard Machine With Air tank Without Air tank
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Excellent Computer AidedDesign facilities.

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established production set up
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